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Insights from engaged conversations.

How well do you know them?

Do you know what makes them happy? What motivates them? What’s working? Why they came in? Will they come back?
Ask. Know.
With Insighto.

Insights for retention
and growth.

Customers are ‘switching’!

Switching economy is estimated at $6 Trillion globally. Huge loss of revenue for those who are not seeing the trend.
Great opportunity for the prepared. With Insighto.

Insights from stakeholder

How often you interact with them?

Periodical surveys / feedback are passé. Are opinions being taken at all touch points of internal & external customer journeys?.
Bridge the disconnect.
With Insighto.

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Marketing & Advertising

Marketers use Insighto to get tremendous insights all through the customer journey.

Human Resources

Insighto enhances the efforts of HR managers for strong employee engagement.

Academia & Institutions

Administrators use Insighto to take feedback from students, parents & faculty.

Sales & Distribution

Using Insighto, Sales pros get market intelligence & acquire customers by knowing their needs.

Product & Concept Development

Continous feedback through Insighto leads to successful development of product/concept.

Website & Blogs

Insighto enhances site's stickiness by getting visitor preferences and opinions.

Club & Community

Opinions of members gets collected very easily and smartly through Insighto.

Meetings, Conferences, Events

Insighto enables MICE administrators gather preferences & feedback in a jiffy.

Multi-format engagements

What’s in a name? Survey, Feedback, Poll, Quiz, Rater, Suggestion, Ideas, Interview, Form – Insighto is ONE platform for all formats to generate insights.

Any device or platform

Serve your opinion-seeking content on any digital device - Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.
Reach your people 24x7 - all the 365 days.

Multi-language content

Create questions and answers in the language your people are comfortable with. Get your analytics in English.

Text, Video, Images

Build content using all your multi-media content.
Enthuse and excite your respondents.
Get good responses to your Insightos.

Different channels to serve

Send/ Share your Insighto through different channels – Your own email; Social media (Facebook,Twitter, Google +, Linkedin); Messaging apps (Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype). And several more are coming!

Continuous Insights

Have continuous conversations with your audience/ customers/ respondents – using any format. Get invaluable insights on several milestones of their journey with your organization.

Just Get Curious! Seek Opinions.

Stop guessing. Start asking.